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Load Bearing beams?

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I have 1 beam (wooden) running the length of my living room. Coming off that beam are 8 smaller beams running from the that center beam to the wall. Is there anyway to determine if it is load bearing? I want to get rid of all the
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What kind of beams?
Are they exposed ceiling beams?
How far apart are they?
Is there an attic or 2nd floor over this?
If 2nd floor is there a wall over the beam?
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ok, just curious... GSaunders: they might even be styrofoam fake beams, i've seen them before....
can you take photos and post them?

Could we see a picture of the beams and a picture of the attic above the beams, please? Be safe, G

Sorry for the delayed response. Ok. Here's a pic of the beams. The beams are wooden. There is only an attic crawl space about this ceiling. They aren't exposed ceiling beams as there is drywall above the beams. Any thoughts?


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if they're solid beams, i dare say they hold up the roof/ceiling, and if they're 3 sided 'fake' beams, they are likely wrapped around a stud, so, same thing pretty much.
orrrrr..... they could also be totally fake and just there because the guy didn't like to tape and mud seams... are they about 4 and 8 foot sections perchance?
maybe try to pull one apart a little to see what exactly it is?
on second look, i'm betting the latter....

"as there is drywall above the beams." Fake. Ok, DangerMouse, You made me think I was losing it, for a minute anyway. I asked for pictures when I thought no one else did........... Then I see your question. Then I noticed you edited it 4 minutes after me. lol...Be safe, G
hehehehe sorry if i confused you....

They are exactly 4 feet apart...'m going to look behind and see what its hiding. If its a seam, can I aaume that they are not load bearing?
i dare say so.... let us know what you find!

Fake basically covers

There may be a 2x4 cleat underneath them but I am guessing the house is 1950 - 1980 vintage. People thought these looked good and all you have to do is take them down. You will probably find that the 2x4 cleat underneath them is etiher screwed into the framing but then they may have used an air nailer and cleated a 1000 nails in each one of the boards.

Welcome to the year 2009 and get those beams out of there! LOL

You may have to address that ceiling fan as the wiring might run inside the one beam but you won't know until you pull. Take down the ceiling fan and then go at it (make sure you turn off the circuit breaker prior).

Good luck and you will then have some scraping, patching, texturing and painting to bring it around full circle but the difference will be amazing!

Good luck and be safe!
Excellent!! :thumbsup: Thanks for the replies everyone. I will post pics after I remove the beams!
Well, I did end up taking the beams out and they were not load bearing. However, the seams under those beams were not even and I am stuck going into the crawlspace to add extra joists to "marry" the two beams so the seams will come together so the taping/mudding will finish correctly :furious: And beyond that, de-construction of the current walls starts Tuesday...concerned on what I may find behind those walls :(
are you going to smooth and paint the ceiling now? or knockdown texture? or...?

I would like to smooth and paint, however, depending on how well the taping/mudding looks, we may have to go to texture...
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