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liquor cabinet/bar: should I frame/drywall or custom cabinet?

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I have a dilemma over my liquor/wine-cabinet-under-bar plan.

I was initially going to frame and drywall the thing as a rectangle with an open front (as drawn in the picture) and probably add doors but without much cabinet making skills I don't have a plan for how the front will go. Probably would do the entire inside out of finish-grade plywood. I want to have a plan before I start building. I am considering scrapping the whole framing idea and putting a cabinet there.

Finished dimensions are 22 deep (limited by wall space between windows), 54.5 long (could maybe change a little), 44 high (height needs to match the other bar counter).

I had considered putting a cabinet there with glass doors but the height would have to be customized. The height needs to match the height of the other bar in the lower right corner of the pic.
[attaching image]

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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Cabinets are a little more elegant then a sheetrock closet.
The wine should be stored in a built in wine cooler(refrigerator) rather then a pantry.
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