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I'm having a minor to major "flooding" problem. Whenever we get bad rains, like last night for instance, water seems run right under our pond and push it upwards making it seem like there are big air bubbles underneath. I'm thinking the problem is the fact that there is a 2-4 inch deep, 3-4 foot wide path dug out all the way around it. Pond was meant to be bigger, but due to the lack of suppliers in Charleston, wasn't able to find a large enough liner. Would filling the surrounding area of the pond with dirt be enough to stop this flooding problem? I've been thinking about keeping it and just installing a small irrigation pipe running to the nearby ditch, that would be buried of course, and the surrounding "path" filled with mulch, but if I could just fill it with dirt or concrete it would be much smoother at this point and save money on the mulch. If the path were filled to the same height as the surrounding land, the pond would
still be atleast 3-5 inches higher than the ground level.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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