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limit for outlets on one circuit

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I am wiring a new wood shop and believe you cannot have to many outlets.
There will be ten to twelve outlets on two 20 amp circuits. Only three or four would be the most in actual use at any given time, but they have to be convenient to the point of use to prevent cords all over the floor.
The question is: Is there a code limit to the number of outlets on one circuit ?
Also same question with a GFCI receptacle in the first box protecting all the rest of the receptacles.
Thanks in advance for any answers or just comments.
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There is no limit to the number of receptacles on a circuit in a residential setting under the NEC. Good design anticipating the ampacities of the tools in use at the same time should be the deciding factor.
Thank you Jim for the quick reply. Will do the load study. I neglected to say that I plan to have major tools such as a table saw that needs 10 or more amps to be on dedicated circuits.
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