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I wanted to add a dimmer to my media room lights. The lights were controlled by 2 three way switches. I bought a single pole dimmer because i was just going to just remove and cap the other switches. So i did that and connected the dimmer and which had two black wires and a green wire coming out of it to the black, red, and green wire (left the white wire capped). The lights did not turn on. After trying to figure out what went wrong, I bought a three way dimmer and switched it out with the single pole dimmer. I put the regular switch back on the other outlet and the lights still did not turn on. I then removed the dimmer and put the regular switch back on and still no lights. So i went and bought a multimeter to test for power and got positive results when testing the black screws, red wire screw, and white wire screw (when switch on). Please let me know what to do next or what could be the cause. Thanks...

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Do not use the normal instructions for hook up !
Normal hook up is a single switch.
Three ways are different.

With a three way switch set up ,
the red and black should be the travellers.
Do not use these !
Witch wire is connectted to the common terminal of the switch ?
Cause this is what you want.
Power off !
Remove the common wire,
connect one wire from the dimmer to this wire and nut it !
connect the other side of the dimmer to the common terminal
on the switch.
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