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My house is about to be sold.
When I switch the lights on,after a shortly while, the old style circuit breaker
pushes the "button" out.
Their might be a short some where in the circuit,causing the lights to blow.
I have removed the two red fuse "pull outs" then the blue "pull out" and then the white "pull out"individually.
Still the circuit button pushes out.
So the question is,
can the local electrical company remotely (from outside the house) cause the fuse box to keep pushing the circuit button out?
Many thanks

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The way you describing the best thing you will have to do is call in electrician on this matter there is more than a simple short circuit going on.

and do not wait too long on this matter and get this taken care of it.


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is it happening on one circuit only?? if so, i would shut that breaker off and trace it... find out what is going on...

if it is multiple circuits, then you have a bigger problem that probably warrants a call to an electrician.

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