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Lightning+ well= no water Need Help

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Alright this sucks.
I am on a well here, and there was a lighting strike in my backyard, and now my well doesn't work.
I reset all of the breakers, including the well disconnect.
The well disconnect has those old glass fuses, and I verified power coming in before the fuses, and leaving after the fuses.
The wires then go to some little switch type thing and I have power there too. Then the wires go down in to the casing to the pump.
My pressure gauge is saying 0 psi.
I don't know what else to check, and I am worried that my pump got cooked somehow.
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Measure the voltage between the two fuses. Should be 240 vac.

If you have voltage then you may have smoked the pump. Another thing to check is if there is a control box in the well then the capacitor(s) may have taken the brunt of the spike. If you cannot find any capacitors then more than likey the pump is smoked.
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