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Lighting in my garage?

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I am in the process of building a 22'w x 24' with a 10' ceiling(sheetrocked) addition on my detached garage. I'm looking for some opinions on what to use for lighting. I plan on using this addition to restore an old pickup as a hobby. My 24'x24' garage has 6-8' double bulb flourescents from and old school that were cheap. I cannot seem to find such a deal now. I do not want to spend a fortune but I do want light. Tahnks.:wallbash::wallbash:
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I have a 24x30 workshop with several of the typical 4' double bulb flourescent work lights. Those situated directly above work benches do pretty good. They are only good for general illumination in the open area of the shop.

I have two work lights on retractable reels located hung from the ceiling in the open work area - these are great to bring light to the specific work area. Like these, but from Sears Craftsman -
In my 20x24 basement shop I installed 12 evenly spaced 4 outlet boxes controlled by a switch at the doors. I use 12 4' hanging florescent fixtures with electronic ballasts. Since they are not permently installed they are easily move where need as the shop evolves or special projects require.

I decided to do this because all of my storage racks, work bench and tool boxes are on casters and as I move them around the lighting requirements changed.

The only thing I would do differently if I did it again run two switch loops so each duplex outlets would be controlled independently.
This is similar to how I did mine - agreed, highly recommended as it makes it easy to add more lights or change lighting positions. I really like the idea of two switch loops to enable more or less lights as needed - wish I had done that!
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