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Lighting in my garage?

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I am in the process of building a 22'w x 24' with a 10' ceiling(sheetrocked) addition on my detached garage. I'm looking for some opinions on what to use for lighting. I plan on using this addition to restore an old pickup as a hobby. My 24'x24' garage has 6-8' double bulb flourescents from and old school that were cheap. I cannot seem to find such a deal now. I do not want to spend a fortune but I do want light. Tahnks.:wallbash::wallbash:
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Double-bulb 8' high output fluorescent strips can be a start. Be sure to use "cold temp" bulbs, as these are full 110 watts each.

For specific task lighting, I'd try a couple of those new-fangled super-high-output linear fluorescent fixtures.

It won't be cheap, but will be worth it. :yes:
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