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LIghting Gas Fireplace in Power Outage??

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I have a Majestic Brand gas fireplace built by Vermont Castings about 7 to 8 years ago. The maker does not give out contact info, so I am tracking down a dealer in my area.
In the meantime, is there a standard way of turning on a gas fireplace which has a wall mounted feed activator (may not be correct term, of course)? I see by the diagrams that this wall switch is not directly connected to the house main current (I don't think) but actuates a feed control within the control unit under the fireplace, which must be powered by some current (though come to think of it I never have tried to turn on the fireplace with the power out.......maybe it will work and I just imagined it wouldn't because of the wall switch looking like a light switch :huh: )
This model (BHDR36RN) has a standing pilot flame. I can see no motion of any knob when observing the feed going on and off, but imagine there should be some way of turning on the gas feed to the fireplace with a standing pilot light in time of a power outage.
Grateful for any tips in the meantime.
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Most likely, if it a standing pilot, it is a milivolt system. This means that the power for the gas valve is supplied by the powerpile (power generator) that is in the flame of the pilot lite. In this instance the fireplace will lite just fine in the event of a power outage as there is no external electrical source needed. However, if there is a fan involved then that will not work in the event of a power outage.
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