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HPS=Very Yellow/Orange
MH/MV=White with a very minor blue tint
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In addition, you can probably look around your area at night to see the difference in the colors. Mercury vapors give off a cool bluish glow, high pressure sodiums are a yellow color (used in many streetlights now).
Usually it is just a preference issue; I like mercury vapor, but many others like high pressure sodium.:whistling2:

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Mercury vapor fixtures and ballasts have not been made or imported to the US since 2008. So, unless you find either used or NOS, you are out of luck.
There is also discussion of banning the bulbs after 2016.

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I hate that, I like Mercury Vapor lights:furious:...oh well. Aren't there other things we need to be banning?
I can think of a lot of things....we could start with politicians.....

But getting back on topic.....

Not sure why you want to go with Mercury Vapor....They take 5-7 min to get to full brightness....their efficiency is no better than CFL....they produce a lot of UV...but do have a long life....typically 24K hours or so....

The Metal Halide is a close version of MV lights.

Low press sodium has almost twice the efficiency as MV.
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