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light switch wiring question.

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I am installing a porch light on the wife's garden shed. I already have ceiling lights and a single switch for them beside the door. I have done some wiring before but do not understand what the "electricians" did on ceiling light job. The switch is in the middle of the run. It has 2 black wires attatched to it. I know one is the feed to the switch and the other goes from the switch to the ceiling lights. There are no white(nuetral) wires or ground wire. I can run the EMT and pull one black #12 to the new porch light, but how do i hook up the new (additional) switch? Do i need to pull a nuetral and ground also? Can i just take a short piece of #12 and connect to the hot feed wire and then connect to the new switch? I can hook all this up, i just not sure which is the best and safest way. Sorry this is so long. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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so this is all in conduit? The conduit if properly done can be used as the ground, but you MUST still have a neutral. And unless I miss my guess from what you are describing sounds like they are using the pipe as a return path(neutral)
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