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I think my switch for pool lights is no good. I was told that I coud hook up a 3 way switch to check if it is just the switch. How do I hook up the wires to the 3 way switch?
For your pool lights this more likely it will have either GFCI breaker or receptale one of the two before you do anything with switch first find the GFCI breaker or receptatle { there is a mantory code requirement for pool light to be GFCI protected }

Now if you have three way switch the toggle switch style will have no " on " or "off" marking and if you have single pole switch it will say " ON " or 'OFF" marking { the decora or rocker switch will not have the marking on them in most case }

Now before you can use the three way switch for tempory you can use common ( dark colour screw ) and one of the two bright brass screw but again check the GFCI as I mention above and do your pool lights are wired for 120 volts or low voltage like 12 volts ?? If latter then a good chance the transformer either smoked or other issue with connection on pool area.

And I will advise you if the switch do not slove the issue then I am Très sérieux {Very serious } that you get the electrician to troubleshooting the pool electrical system espcally with pool luminaire { there is not much leeway to work around anyway }

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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