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Light & Switch Combo

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Hello all,

I have a dishwasher with a switch with light below the switch to shut off and to turn on dishwasher. I want the light to come on when dishwasher is on and light to turn off when dishwasher is off. How do I do this?? I have a hot wire from fuse box to that single junction box with light switch combo. Then another cable going from that junction box to the dishwasher, which is hard wired to dishwasher.


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Yes, I do. But, one problem...the fin tab is broken off on the side of the unit. What do I do? Have to buy a new switch light combo and do not break off the fin tab?
Mine is not exactly like the one pictured, I have a 2nd screw. SO, I added a jumper black wire to that 2nd screw. All is good. Dishwasher is running now with pilot light on. Case closed. Thanks for the help!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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