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Light & Switch Combo

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Hello all,

I have a dishwasher with a switch with light below the switch to shut off and to turn on dishwasher. I want the light to come on when dishwasher is on and light to turn off when dishwasher is off. How do I do this?? I have a hot wire from fuse box to that single junction box with light switch combo. Then another cable going from that junction box to the dishwasher, which is hard wired to dishwasher.


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You will need a neutral to connect to the silver screw to make it work that way.

Do you have a white wire in that switch box?
<deleted> I just noticed you don't have a screw to use for the restore connection. :sad: You may have to buy another switch. You need to leave that connector tab in place.

Leviton apparently is not very thoughtful like Pass& Seymour who provide a screw on all terminals.
:biggrin2: I should have left the first post up! :biggrin2: Good for you. The lesson here is, don't buy Leviton.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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