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Light socket outlet adapter

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I have a question regarding those light socket adapter that allow you to screw into a light socket and added an inline switched outlet in the process.

What are some of the things to watch out for when using an outlet like this? Is there some sort of wattage restriction on what you can plug into it? I am thinking you can't plug in a heavy duty demolition hammer to it right? It is going through the lighting fixture's wiring and components. Can you put this on an exterior wall sconce and hook up 100' of Christmas lights?
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You need to pay attention to the fixture wiring and the socket you are screwing it into, in addition to the adapter rating.

You do not want to run a heavy demolition hammer on a fixture that is connected with #18 wire.

The run of Xmas lights is probably OK, particularly if LED. Is the adapter weather proof ?

The other precaution, two prong devices only. It is not OK to use the fixture adapter and a 2-3 prong adapter to plug in a device with a 3prong plug. You do not have a ground connection.

If the use is going to be regular (even Xmas lights) put in a proper receptacle.
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