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Lifting walls

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I have used this type of idea for years. Only thing I add is a 2x4x4' block on the floor behind the upright. Also I use 8' or whatever I need if taller wall. Also use construction adhesive on the scabs/blocks
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Everywhere I have worked we build them flat on the ground, sheet them then raise them. In reno work when doing additions we will even put house-wrap on and premark the top plates for rafters before we stand them.
Using 2 of these about 1/4 way in on each end 2 of us lifted a 38' long 2x6 sheethed and house-wraped wall.
2 people lift up one notch on one jack, then 2 of us go to the other one and lift up one notch on the other jack. Reposition your hands and lift to the next notch, back and forth you go.
As a safety stop we nail a 4' (approx) 2x6 about every 8-12' on the rim joist so it is sticking up about 12".
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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