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Lifting a concrete step

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We have one concrete step that leads up to our front porch that has sunk about an inch to two inches. I saw a video floating around the internet of a guy who lifted just a slab by using C-clamps and car jacks to raise his slab. He attached chains to the two clamps and then attached the chains to a 4x4 and used the regular car jacks to lift the 4x4. But considering this is a step which is about 10-12 inches, I'd need two large clamps. Hahahaha.

I thought about possibly sliding a metal bar under the step, then attaching the chains to the bar, then the 4x4 and trying to lift it that way. Or try to attach two eye bolts into the bottom section of each side of the step and then attach a chain and lift that way.

Or I could just hire someone to mud jack it or just rip it out and pour a new step. The step is in decent condition though.

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Here's one picture that I have, an older picture. We just got finished painting the house, replacing the porch columns, etc.

Next step is running a new landscape lighting system and we have to go under the step for some landscape lights, so I figured if I have to do that, why don't I also try to raise the step back to it's proper level.

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