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When float switch is plugged into piggyback plug, the gfci is immediately tripped. I have changed out the gfci outlet and the same thing happens.

First thought was the float switch problems, but...

When same piggyback plugs are attached to a non-gfci outlet, the pump is activated by the float switch when the water in tank reaches proper level. When water level reaches the low level setting, the pump is turned off by the float switch.
When the set up is attached to the non-gfci outlet, it does not trip the 20amp breaker(in breaker box) on that particular circuit. My thoughts are that there is a fault in the float switch wiring(from plug to the float switch)....but, if this is the case, why doesn't it trip the 20amp breaker(in breaker box) on the circuit of the non-gfci outlet?

Any thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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