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LifeBreath motor

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I have a LifeBreath 200MAX, an air processing and removal system for the home, and I believe the motor is shot. The unit is original with the house which was built 12 years ago. Anyone familiar with this system and if so, is it possible to replace the motor? Hope this was descriptive enough, if not I can provide more details.

Thanx in advance!
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TM, google info lists this as a 5 speed motor, so not off the shelf type at your local ace hardware. Either way it carries a 5 year warranty and should be replaceable if you are careful.
Do as mentioned post some info here or go one line for the trouble shooting manual. If it comes down to replace or rebuild there will be specs on the motor housing and supplier info.
Highly unlikely this motor is only used by Lifebreath, much more likely it was supplied by a US company, like GE or Emerson or someone big in HVAC supply.
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