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levelling a wall

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guys - I just had to trim out about 8 inches of a 8ft wide wall top to bottom to add a stud. The wall was installed in 1970, and it looks like they used two sheets of 3/8 drywall...perhaps glued and nailed.

I now have to fill the gap, and want to make it level with the existing wall - do the big box stores sell 3/8 drywall? My recolection is 1/2 or 5/8. What's my best bet for getting the wall level?

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3/8" is available, but have not seen it at a box store. How about a piece of luan under 1/2". This should get you close.
I've seen 3/8" at the local Lowes. It's available at the locally owned lumber yard too.
shim out your backing 1/8 of an inch,cardboard tends to work good,then use your 1/2 inch board,should line up beautifully
I would suggest buying 5/8" sheet rock and put that in place, make a 1-1/2' cutline into the paper of the existing sheet rock on either side of the opening and remove the paper. This will allow for your "paper tape" to sit somewhat flush to the existing wall surface.

Keep in mind, it is much easier to builed up the mud to the existing surface then it is to sand down the build up of mud in the end. By using sheetrock which sits 1-/16" to 1/8" less than the existing wall surface,this allows you to gradually add mud to match the existing surface. With the tape already set in, this will eliminate an obvious "built-up" in the end.

Keep in mind that, when it's all said and done, your probably looking at an area of dry mud that is about 16-18" wide after feathering.
shim out your backing 1/8 of an inch,cardboard tends to work good,then use your 1/2 inch board,should line up beautifully
3/8 + 3/8 sheetrock = 6/8

So 1/8 & 4/8 (1/2") = 5/8 = too thin

Same thing with straight 5/8 sheetrock

If they used 3/8 + 3/8 then to match exisitng you need to match the same thickness
Lol....6/8's!! Haven't heard that in a while. I knew some guys who measured this way and they carried a catspaw in their pouch as well. But I understand what your saying.

All I know is the guy I use to tape my sheetrock would have no problem with my above suggestion. In fact, I pretty much described one of my previous jobs and with his ability to tape, when the paint was on and the job done, the area in question...was no longer a question. You couldn't even tell where the patch job was.
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