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Leveling uneven floor - laminate over concrete

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Hey all,

Just purchased a small 800 sq.ft cottage that I am fixing up for my Grandma who no longer wishes to live in an assisted living facility. Shes very mobile, drives, exercises, etc. She moved into the assisted living simply to be closer to friends and people her age.

The home is actually right next door to her daughter (my mother's) house which is great!

In the main living area/kitchen I'll be putting a pergo laminate wood floor in, and then carpet in the bedroom.

The problem:

In a few rooms of the house, the cement slab slopes towards the outer edges. I haven't had a chance to actually measure the drop/distance, and I know that may vary what options I have to level. I didn't notice the unevenness until I ripped apart a 6x6 fake floor they had build to stick a wood burning stove on.

I suspect its about a 1/2" drop over 3 feet or so, but really could be more.

It's complicated further in that there is some sort of laminate or vinyl tile over the concrete, which would be a real pain to peel up.

What do you all recommend to level the floor? SLC that can be poured over the flooring? Plywood in the deep section and then use leveling compound to bridge the gap?

Not really sure where to go here. I'm pretty handy in terms of home improvement/renovation stuff, but have never tackled leveling a cement-based floor. I do have access to friends for some grunt work (for pizza and beer of course).

Thanks all for the help!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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