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Leveling Pre-existing NON-REMOVABLE floor?

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I am ripping up my carpet to either put down laminate or something similar. However, my house is on a concrete slab and the current floor underneath the carpet is vinyl asbestos tiles that cannot be removed by simpletons like me and will not be removed. However, I am fairly certain the floor is unlevel.

How do I level out the floors? Have concrete poured over the existing floor or what?

ONE more question, should it turn out by miracle that the floors are level (HA), how do I lay down subfloor on the vinyl asbestos- adhesive only and no nails?

Thanks. I have no skill in remodeling, construction, or handy work. This stuff is driving me bonkers. :vs_sad::vs_mad:
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I've never been on a similar situation, but perhaps you can use a product like DRICore?

The only problem I see with it would be that the floor will end up being 3/4 to 1" higher than the rest of the rooms, unless you plan to upgrade the whole house?
You do not need an underlayment for a floating floor---so forget about plywood over concrete--that is almost always a failure waiting to happen.

There are a number of self leveling compounds that will stick to old tile---

I have been using Jifset mixed with Linewebers liquid latex for many years---

If the floor is close to flat, with only small low areas, layers of tar paper can be used to shim that area flat---
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