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Hi guys,
I'm a 1917 craftsman homeowner and Im about to embark on my first major reno (tearing out teh kitchen)... really looking fwd to it but i know its gonna get messy. The problem at hand is that the existing kitchen is partially built on top of the old porch. Structurally sound but it is built on blocks where the rest of the house has concrete foundation. The porch is roughly 6 feet by 12 feet across. Joists run in direction of 12 foot span. Problem is this section of the kitchen still has the original 2 degree slope in it which i want to correct. Question is what is the best way to level it out? As it is structurally sound I would like to avoid pouring new foundation in that area. Can I glue and screw additional boards or plywood to the existing joists to level them with the rest of the kitchen after pulling up the floor? And then rebuild floor. Am I on the right track here?

Thanks for any help, it is MUCH appreciated.
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