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Leveling a shower pan

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I am putting in a new shower pan and the floor is almost an inch out of level in 36 inches.

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The floor joists run perpendicular to the level and then there is 1x8s on top of the joists and then I just put down a sheet of 3/4" ply and noticed how out of level it is. What is the best way to fix this problem? Thanks
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run foam strips around the edges and pour in self-leveling cement.
Can I shim the shower base or could I put down a bed of mortar and push the pan into the mortar till it's level?

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Or is there an inexpensive self leveler that will work? The ones I've looked at are pretty expensive? Thanks for your advice.
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Quality costs. But yes you can set it into plaster bed. Might not be the best in a mortar bed, check directions. Some materials do not like wet cement. Most likely not a problem.
Thanks for your help Bob. I ended up putting a bed of mortar under the pan and it came pretty close to level, about 1/8" off. I thought that was pretty good considering it started off over an inch out of level and it's solid now. On to the densshield tommorrow! Thanks again for your help
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