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level yard

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how do i level a yard with bumps and divits with out large tractors and removal of existing grass
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It is a practice I never saw as turf manager on the West Coast (because we would have ended up with solid clay and two grass blades sticking out with the compaction) but in the Midwest, people roll their lawns sometimes every Spring and then aerate almost right after. Seems to work to level things like soil heaving from temperature change extremes.

Rented rollers come to you empty and fairly light. Fill half way with water and see what effect it has. Fill it up if you see no results. You may need an extra person to help you push it around.

Obviously you are going to get nowhere if the soil is not moist and flexible enough to respond. You can aerate just about any time without over stressing turf but spring and fall are best. I wouldn't roll in the summer if the turfgrass is stressed from heat, etc. Best to wait until next spring I suspect. Never managed turf here.

If you have deep divots or high spots, or large sections out of level? Prior post is your way to deal with it. I would add amended soil though.

Where are you by the way? It helps us that respond to know in general where people are located with questions like this. You might want to click on your name and update your profile?
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