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Lets talk tile floor prep

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I am going to be tiling a room in a basement, the floor has been previously painted.

I Intend to grind the paint off the floor via wire wheel and sanding pads to get down to the concrete then clean with a damp sponge 3-4 times to get all dust off the surface.

The floor is uneven in several spots, so I plan to level them out prior to tile, should I use a self leveling mix or a patch? I am going to be using Mapei products for the job. What product is best recommended?

I plan to put down Mapelastic CI after grinding to prevent cracks and get a better surface to tile on.

I am somewhat unsure of what comes next, do I need to apply a primer over the patch prior to putting down the thinset and setting tiles or not?

My tiling experience has only been in rooms with a wood underlayment where we would put down cement board and thinset over that. any insight would be helpful.

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Could you give us and idea what 'uneven in a few spots" means exactly---

Ardex Feather finish is good for thin patches---self leveling compound is the answer for hollows ---
By uneven I mean there are a few areas between 4 and 8 sqft each where the floor is about 1/4-3/8" lower than the rest of the floor, it's basically a poorly floated floor IMO
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