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Hello, I posted this on another forum, and got good info..but a like to get more responses.

My mother has a Lennox G26 forced air furnace and air conditioner. It had 4 wire thermostat. Due to health problems we need to install a wifi thermostat for her.

Swapping old thermostat not a problem, but need 5 wire due to new thermostat needs power from the C connection on the furnace.

C wire on furnace is in use already in use with wire going to condenser for AC

Now my question.
1) is it ok to add a second wire to the c connection on the control board? 1 to the AC and 1 to the new thermostat?

2) any issues just adding a single 18 g wire and running it along with the original 4 wire I currently have to make the c wire connection?

Thank you for any help



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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