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Lennox Filters

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I'm told that Lennox has discontinued their 20x26x5 filters, especially in the MERV 16 category. Can anyone confirm this?

The furnace is only about 10 years old and if this is the case I find it poor practice from Lennox to leave an installed base of customers stranded without proper sized filters.
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Good ole Lennox! You should be able to find an aftermaket filter that is comparable online or thru a contractor.
use a 20 - 25 .... fill the 1' gap.... all should be fine.... just take a t.d.
That filter is specific to the PCO pure air system and they have it with the replacement kit that goes with the PCO system and comes with a catalyst and UV bulbs which we recommend you change once a yr. If they delete it then I imagine they will have a factory 1" insert to shove in there to do the job or you can make one out of a wood stick.
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