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Lennox CBX26UH not heating

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I have a Lennox CBX26UH-036-230-1 air handler with Honeywell TH6000 thermostats and dual-zone HZ221 controller. This is a heat-pump unit with installed emergency heat. Last week the power went out and since then, I think I have no heat. It was warm last week so I didn't notice until Friday, and was out of town until Monday. Now it's 58* inside. This is in Charleston, SC, where it's been about 30* at night and 50* during the day.

I understand that the low temps may make the heat pump not work very well, but from what I read at 5* below the setpoint, the emergency heat should turn on, and heat the house up quickly. The thermostat is set to "heat" to 75*, and "Auxiliary Heat On" is displayed, indicating that the emergency heat SHOULD be operating. However, it is still only 61* inside, and thats probably due to it heating up outside and using a space heater in the bedroom.

What could be the cause? I called ARS Rooter today and they just came and charged me $90 to tell me it was working fine (the air coming out of the vents was less than 65*; obviously not fine), and its been running for the last 9 hours on this setting and temperature has not gone up at all. My work schedule really doesn't allow me to sit at home waiting for them again, so I'm trying to see if I can fix it. All circuit breakers are shut. Are there any fuses I should be looking for? I consider myself a decent handyman, but there's just no documentation for this stuff for me to reference.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible! Thanks for your help!
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The heat pump and elements should be on. Check C to Y at the heat pump to make sure the thermostat is calling for it to run. Check C to W at the air handler to see if the thermostat is telling the elements to run. Past that is going to take sticking you hands in those live 240V wires to check sequencers,not something I advise for the average home owner.
Thanks for the reply. This is actually my wife's house, who currently lives in another state. I'll be there on Friday and can troubleshoot, but until then is there anything she can do without a multimeter? Also, I know the circuits you are referring to from the Air Handler installation manual, but where are they physically?
When you get there you'll see where the thermostat wires enter the air handler. Follow from there. Without a meter there's nothing she can do.
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