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So I spent the afternoon replacing the kitchen drain from the sink to near the basement floor. Why there were 12 elbows & fittings in that simple 16' run is beyond me, but the job is now done.

Anyway, there is a lot of sludgy crud built up in the remaining sewer & drain pipes. I know that's typical, and they all work, but the flow is obviously restricted a bit.

So short of auguring out the pipes, is there anything that will loosen that crap and send it on out? Anything I can pour down drains?


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I have been using an excellent non-corrosive, non-caustic enzyme-based drain cleaner called DrainCare for years with very good results.
You just run warm water down the drain, pour in the DrainCare and let it eat overnight and then flush all of the crud residue down with hot water the next day. I start that flushing process with a kettle of boiling water and then run the hot water faucet until all is running clear.
Good Luck!
P.S. I don't own any stock in whoever makes DrainCare.

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If you are going to pour anything down drains those formulas that are bacteria (produce enzymes to eat away the crud) or enzymatic to start are the safest and the best. They take awhile though. I used to sell bugs to clean up stinky reclamation ponds and things and they loved eating crud in drains.

Plumbers cringe at people dumpling chemicals down drains for good reason but if you must. Try baking soda and vinegar. The combo, with a few applications will usually work as well as any of the more caustic commercial compounds and face it, you cannot beat the price.

Sometimes, calling the guys with big snakes is the only way to clear a sewer line though and especially if you have tree roots and things involved. And sewer cleaners are a festive bunch!
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