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Legacy Garage Door Opener needs Limit Adjust

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Hello fellow frustrated ones,
I have a teen-aged door opener that has become quite cross. The two limit set screws are supposed to be about 30-40 degrees away from each other on the gear wheel.
see attached image from the instruction manual. Each semi-circular opening has one limit-set screw showing.
At present, through some mystery, the two limit screws are only about 5 degrees apart, and they are visible in the left semi-circular opening shown on the picture.
Has anyone taken the back side off of this opener to straighten this out?
Hoping for some help,


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It's pretty easy to take that component panel off... Should be 4 screws on the corners... But before you pull the panel off... You will want to unplug your opener and disconnect the wires coming out of the back side (right near top) otherwise the wires will hold the panel in place. Then you can adjust those limit cams to where you need them. However just a fair warning, typically when those get that far out of adjustment there is a problem either in the electronics somewhere..either the motor control board, or the limit switch.. Keep is posted

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