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Ledger Board Mounting

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I'm planning to attach a shed style roof to my house. It will be 13' wide and 10' deep!
I have two questions, to do with the ledger board!

The house wall is standard 2X4 construction. The wall is sheeted with 3/4" spruce material. Which is in turn covered with cedar lap siding. The last course of the siding at the soffit is a spruce 1X8.
I need to hang a 2X8 ledger board over top of the 1X8.
I was planning to bolt the ledger to the wall studs using 3/8X4 lag screws. [ledger=1 1/2", spruce 1X8=3/4, sheeting 3/4" for a total of 3"] I would have two lag screws per wall stud. The lags would penetrate the wall studs one inch.
The first question is the lag length adequate, the second being is it acceptable to mount the ledger over top of the existing 1X8 or does it have to be against the wall sheeting?
Hopefully I have explained this adequately!
I have to expect a snow load of 50 psf and and will be using 2X8 rafters supported by joist hangers on the ledger board.
This brings a 3rd question to mind. How many nails are required to fasten each hanger to the ledger board. They come with 6 holes on each side. Shall I use all six or would fewer be adequate?
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1- you need to go to a bigger lag screw 1 inch into a stud is not enough. i would definitly use a 5-5.5 lag.

2- you should be connecting the ledger to the sheathing then flashing it,then shingle it,then put the siding last.

3-first nai the rafters,then put the hangers nailing all the holes.(nails are cheap so dont be cheap on them,buy a palm nailer they cost around $50)
The ledger board should be mounted as cloe to the framing members as possible. The further away it is, the weaker the connection will be. I'd remove everything down to the sheathing.
The joist hangers are made to be nailed in every hole. A palm nailer makes the job go so much easier. As 5Star said, they are not expensive.
Thanks for your replies!
Deep down inside, I had a hunch that this top board was a problem. I have since removed it where the ledger board will be placed.
Its removal will allow me to lag the ledger board into the doubled top plate of the wall.
This will be an advantage as the ends of the ledger board wouldn't line up with the all studs.
The 4" lag screws that I have on hand will penetrate 1 1/2" into the wall plates every 16". I assume that this will be adequate.
The Simpson hangers that I plan to use require that they would be nailed at every place that a nail hole is provided.
The lag bolts are too short. I would go with 5-5 1/2". But it's your project.
I went with 5 - 5.5 lag bolts to support my shed roof for my sunroom. I had the 2x & 1/2" sheathing, so about 3"+ of penetration. Lag bolt into every stud per Inspector's request
Mine is about 16' x 16'
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