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LED Light Tripping GFCI

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I recently purchased a couple of different canless recessed LED lights for a bathroom remodel. Before installing the light in the ceiling, I wanted to make sure I was happy with the color and quality of the light they produced, so I found a 3 prong appliance cord and hardwired the cord to the light. I had everything neatly laying on my kitchen counter. But when I plugged the light into a GFCI socket, it tripped the GFCI.

I can't really understand why that would be happening. I've even tried a similar light from a different mfg. and it does the same thing. I verified that I had the line, neutral, and ground wires all connected correctly and that nothing could be shorting out. If I plugged my setup into a non-GFCI plug, the light worked fine.

I know these lights don't require a GFCI, but I wouldn't expect them to trip a GFCI either. I have plenty of low voltage LED landscape lights running on GFCI.

Does anyone know what could be causing this???
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Thanks for the explanation. At least I know I'm not buying broken or improperly designed lights. Regards!
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