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LED Light Tripping GFCI

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I recently purchased a couple of different canless recessed LED lights for a bathroom remodel. Before installing the light in the ceiling, I wanted to make sure I was happy with the color and quality of the light they produced, so I found a 3 prong appliance cord and hardwired the cord to the light. I had everything neatly laying on my kitchen counter. But when I plugged the light into a GFCI socket, it tripped the GFCI.

I can't really understand why that would be happening. I've even tried a similar light from a different mfg. and it does the same thing. I verified that I had the line, neutral, and ground wires all connected correctly and that nothing could be shorting out. If I plugged my setup into a non-GFCI plug, the light worked fine.

I know these lights don't require a GFCI, but I wouldn't expect them to trip a GFCI either. I have plenty of low voltage LED landscape lights running on GFCI.

Does anyone know what could be causing this???
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Another property of switching circuits is that they use capacitors to ground to filter out electrical switching noise...this path can allow current to return on the ground and unbalance the circuit...
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