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I'm installing LED can lights as I finish my basement. New subpanel using 1-1-1-3 wire. These are the light cans that come ready for LEDs, don't even have the regular bulb base (just the orange plastic connector). Have about 25 on one circuit across a few different rooms/switches. All 12W each, I believe. NO DIMMERS in the basement at all.

Last week while working down there, I notice this weird flickering starts. Very slight, but noticeable across all the can lights. I turned off a few switches to isolate it, but they still flicker when on. I have a couple CFLs down there as well as two LEDs that screw into a normal base on the same circuit, and no flickering from them. Just these can lights. The rate was about 45 flickers per minute. Brand is Sunco, purchased both the lights and cans off Amazon.

After a few minutes of me looking around to see if I can figure out why, they just stop flickering. No one was home but me, so not sure what happened. I didn't do anything.

Skip ahead a week to today and it starts again. Same rate, about 45/second. Again, they just stop after that. Can't find the cause.

Could this be a loose neutral somewhere in the circuit? Seems weird that I wouldn't do anything and it would both start and stop without any action on my part. Nothing seemed to kick on from the main circuit (air compressor, oven, etc.) that seemed to trigger the flickering.

I will tighten the neutral wire in the main panel as I've verified the wires in the subpanel are all torqued correctly.

Could it be a bad batch of lights somehow? Could one light cause the issue even if it's turned off (which indicates a possible neutral problem maybe?).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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