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So I'm planning for some under cabinet lighting in my new kitchen. I had originally planned to connect 120 line voltage to a low voltage driver which would knock the voltage down to 24v: W.A.C. Lighting *> 24v Class 2 Remote Power supply

I was also going to use these type of led strip lights: W.A.C. Lighting *> INVISILED PRO - 24V Indoor

The driver says to use a min. 18 ga. wire so that is what I used. The wires originate in the basement, where the driver will be located, then go to the floor above under the wall cabinets. I have 4 separate runs from this driver to power the lights in 4 separate sections of the kitchen.

The wire lengths, before they are connected to any light, are approximately 7', 12', 14' and 16'. The length of led light strips i'd be putting in are a maximum of 2', 2', 4'-6" and 5' respectively.

Should I be worried about this setup in terms of the length of the wire being run?

Do I need to worry about the 18 ga. wire overheating?

What would happen if I use a 12v driver with 12v led light strips: W.A.C. Lighting *> Remote INVISILED Class 2 Power Supply & W.A.C. Lighting *>*12v - INVISILED

Is there any better options?

Thanks for all the help!

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