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Hey guys, I am a colision technician of 14 years now. Over the past year my wife and I have been wanting to do some work around the house. I thought well if I can fix cars or restore them I hope I hang some sheetrock and a cabinet or two... So far everything I have done has gone really well. I have hung some sheetrock and done my own mud work, remodled the kitchen with new cabinets and some of which I made myself, finishing up a new archway for the kitchen this week. Lots of little stuff and as I said its been pretty smooth so far.
What I hope to find and learn from here is some more info so I know what I am doing is correct and safe. I also want to raise my ceiling in my bedroom and dining room. Looking to do some research on here for those projects. Looking forward to hearing everyones input and learning a lot.

Thanks guys!
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