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My co-worker has a leaning patio cover. All three posts are slightly rotted where they touch the cocrete and so all three are leaning about 2 inches out from the bottom in the same direction.

The cover is attached to the house via Simpson bucket type hangers across a beam. They allow for some play and of course being 20 years old, its all loose.

What would be the way to fix the lean? Would a cable across the top (catty corner to the other) with a turnbuckle take the lean out?

I am thinking he should replace the 2x6 boards that are sandwiching the 4x4 posts, as they are rotted and allowing for some lean.

Any other suggestions?


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..... Any other suggestions?
First, one at a time replace the posts

  1. Score a line in the concrete around all three posts
  2. Cut a temp post a little longer than the existing post
  3. Angle the top of the temp post close (4") to the top of the old post
  4. Sledge hammer the bottom of the Temp post until it is vertical
  5. Remove the original post.
  6. Bolt a Simpson AB Post Base to the concrete Pad (use ref score lines)
  7. Cut and install new post

More later on replacing the 2x6's


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Hi Kemerick,

Looks like PaliBob has this pretty well covered with the following additions:

* Your will need to "rack" the cover back into position. This can be done with the cable and turnbuckel as you mentioned or if the structure is small enough you can probably use a 2x4 steaked to the ground and propted on the top of the left most post (viewed from the yard). Don't push too hard - it will go the other way!

* After you follow PaliBob's steps, install diagonal braces post to beam. This should prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Good Luck
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