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Leaky Dishwasher bent door pan

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Hey everybody
I'm finally making progress on my honey-do list.
Our dishwasher has been leaking from the front center and when I took the door panel off today I found out why.
The bottom of the plastic door pan (don't know the official term for this) is bent in the center, which makes it obvious why water is getting through and leaking.
I'll try and post a picture. Anyways my question is how do I bend it back so that its sealed again? Or should I just put some rubber sealant on it to make it line up with the sides and be water tight?
Thanks for your help!!
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I've attached pictures of the door...hopefully you can see where it's bent


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You might try warming it up with a heat gun or hair dryer, and then pushing it back straight. if that fails to fix it, goop it up with RTV like you suggested.
The heat gun is a good idea; you may need to "overshoot" with the correction—so instead of bowed out it's slightly bowed in—so when it sags again it's straight.
I'd also try to build up sealant, packing foam, or similar material behind that plastic panel so that when the door is put back into place the bowed-in part gets some support from behind and can't bow again so that it will have to make good contact with the seal.

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