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leaking pipe under upstairs toilet

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I had a plumber diagnose my leaking toilet and he assured me that i had a haircrack in my toilet. After installing new toilet, it still had a leak. Cut a hole in the ceiling and removed toilet. Poured water down drain and it still had water dripping around the elbow.Could this be a leak at the joint or where.Is it a possible easy fix
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sir, read my post where i replied to incopetent builder thread later on today than yours. if it is leaking out when you pour water in the drain it is definately not a wax seal problem but a glue or hole in pipe problem. they make a sealer that is clear and unlike silicone you can use it on wet locations. if it is a joint not sealed you rub this stuff around the place where the hub and pipe meet and fix your problem. i can't think of the name of it right know but i get it at a local supply house and the big chain stores don't carry it. reply to me if your sure it's leaking around the fitting and i will get the name of it tomorrow as i keep a tube in my truck. a roofer turned me on to it and it can be a magic wand to a plumber on a service call. thanks, budro
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