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leaking in below unit

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I have 2 questions that trouble me much, as my landlord's plumber claims that I'm causing the pluming problems:

1) I moved to my apartment 9 months ago, and changed the shower head. NOW, 9 months later, there is a leaking in the below unit and the plumber claims that it's due to me changing the shower head. Is it reasonable?

2) Can periodic flushing of tampons in the toilet cause flooding from the below unit's toilet, while there is no problem with my toilet at all?

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1. No, except if you can shut off the water at the shower head, that can aggravate a slow leak that pre-existed in that section of pipe. Where exactly (within three inches) did the plumber say the leak was?

2. Yes, if the material collects just after the two toilet drain pipes join, below first floor level.
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