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I had a 007-M1QT 1" double check valve assembly installed by a licensed plumber for a lawn sprinkler system. It is installed outside, above ground.

We turned it on and there were no leaks, the water just shot out of the outlet of the 007 like it should. We then shut the water off for a couple weeks.

I attached a few more fittings (union, Tee, etc) then attached it to the sprinkler manifold in the ground.

Now, when I turn the water on, water shoots out of the test cock on top of the 007 (The one on the raised platform/cover - between the two check valves).

We did not touch any screws or settings on the 007 other than turning the valves on/off. What could cause the water to come out of this spot, and not simply flow through the valve like it did before.

I tried opening the boiler valve that I installed after the 007 to release the pressure, and the water still shoots out of the test cock on top of the 007 cover. Thanks.

I have attached a picture to show where the water is shooting out.



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