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Leaking bathtub

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rstout69 posted a bathtub leak problem, in aug. '08 and that is exactly what mine is doing.
It leaks in the basement below the shower. You can see that the water has traveled. So we tore off the bottom of the wall in the bedroom on the other side of the tub/shower. UGH all moldy insulation,etc. We cleared it all up and took a look see while we turned on the shower. Like rstout69, nothing happened until someone stood inthe shower. But your solution,
to make sure that sure you caulk good where (in our case ceramic tile wall) wall meets tub lip. We have done this several times in the last 2 yrs...YOW.:eek:..each time I would fill the tub with water while I caulked and it set. Only to have the problem return. It is NOT the drain, or the over flow, or any gaskets by the spout fixtures. We can see clearly thru the wall now that the water IS coming from the lip when someone is in the shower. How else can we caulk good between the ceramic tiles and the lip.
Immediate help needed
thank you
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That caulking will not last anyway. Use 100% silicone. Tool the joint with the back of a metal spoon dipped in the alcohol.

I agree 100% silicone for bathroon around any water source.. Never tried the spoon dipped in alcohol trick B-4 . I'll have to try that 1
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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