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Hi, I'm in a new house and hoping to hook a hose up in my garage spigot. I've tried using different hoses as well as using thread sealing tape, but it keeps leaking.

looking closely, it appears that the leak is coming from the holes below the backflow preventer shown in the picture. its not a slow leak, it comes out quite a bit. I cant get the unit off either.. any suggestions?

also, should i make sure there is a backflow preventer on this? i have two other outdoor hose connections that dont have it.


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Easy fix once you get it off. Just replace with a new one.

Some of the ones I have removed have set screws. If you find it, spray it down with some pb blaster and let it sit for awhile, then try to work it loose.

Had to dremel set screw off on one, then I was able to remove it with a regular channel lock pliers. Just a suggestion.

Yes, I would use one. Especially if you have sprinklers.
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