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Our home is about six years old, when we first moved in we noticed that the ceiling in the living room had a water mark but thought it would not be a problem. Now almost four years later the water mark is much larger and the paint on the ceiling is pealing off...three days ago my son had his shower and the water started dripping. We were told not to use the shower for two days and then run the water from the tap to see if it would start leaking again. This was to see if the leak came from the shower or area under the bathtub. We have used the shower and let water flow from the bathtub but it did not leak.

We have been trying to open up the front cover of the bathtub by removing the silicon around the tub, grouch on the tile and panels from the drywall but the front cover will not move. Can anyone out there give us some advice?

Thank you for your time.
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