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I found this leak happening in my son's furnace yesterday.
The 2 bolts (just screwed into plastic) holding the white pvc
pipe to the black blower motor were not sealing the pipe and
there was a constant drip. Are the 2 bolts normally nutted to
hold? I replaced the 2 bolts with bolts with washers and nuts
and stopped the leak. I am guessing that the exhaust gas
may have been leaking out also? Your thoughts?


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Can't comment on how much carbon monoxide may have also leaked a bit.

But, right behind silver clamp, notice a bit of black schmutz. That's because there used to be a pliable type black putty where the pvc meets the backside of the clamp. You've solved the condensate drip. Now for safety, make a snake like bead of putty to place around the pipe and press into position. If you are a silicone insister, 100% silicone globbed all the way around will also work.

It appears this may not be the original induced draft fan. Whoever swapped in a new one didn't follow instructions.

Putty or silicone on both sides of clamp wouldn't hurt.

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Some CO was also coming out. How much, no one can say for sure.

Usually, the bolts/screws just grab the metal flange.
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