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"Leaf blocker" for scupper (on the roof).. where to buy?

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Dear all:

I just did some googling around, and found this:

Just wondering, does Home Depot or any online store sell something like this for "scupper" on the roof (the opening on the roof to the gutter)? If so what is it called? Can I find something like this on eBay or If so what keyword should I use? It seems that when I use keyword "leaf blocker" on Google there is not much product comes up, and the above web site only sell to their local people (but I'm located in SF)... any idea where I could buy something like this?

I think it has to be made with some sort of fine aluminum mesh screen that will NOT rust and can stand strong UV light (thus plastic thingy might not work very well), and can be cut to a circle shape to fit "round" gutters (this is how our current "scupper" looks like: Thru-Wall Round Scupper.jpg)... any help would be highly appreciated! :)
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Get the rigid ones that come in 3' lengths.
The ones that prevent downspout clogging have a bulb shape.
Yes, HD has them
They have PVC/plastic & metal - not sure of material
The metal one I saw does not have the fine screening on them
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