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Lead Paint on Old Trim and Sashes

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I am working on fixing up an apartment for rent that is one side of a very old two family house in a shore community. The old trim is fairly intricate. Both it and the window sashes and trim have several layers of old paint and unquestionably, some of it is likely leaded.

My question is ... what is the tradeoff between economics and ease of resolving the problem.

My thought is either to pull off the trim and replace OR encapsulate the lead paint with the specialized product that paint stores sell ( a recommendation here would be useful .. I have a regular account at B. Moore distributor).

The size comparison is that of a small house ... about 1,000 square ft or so. 6+doors and 14-16 windows, plus floor trim.

Thanks in Advance!
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Get a Lead Paint test kit. They are real cheap. If you find lead on any of the areas that are peeling, then check with your local codes as to whats required to encapsulate it. In most areas just primer and paint are fine but being a rental property you really want to follow the letter of the law.
testing and painting

I am actually certified to do testing (no big deal but I am not certified for 3rd party remediation work) and have the help be proactive if I am unsure of the situation.

I am confident based on past experiences that lead does exist so I can skip straight to the next step.

My past experiences around the code and law have demonstrated conflicts in interpretation ... but since I am being proactive, I have choices to make....that is why I am asking about the balance of cost versus "performance" aspect.

When you mention primer and paint, can you be more specific? as the contractor who did a job for me awhile ago indicated that there were special types(?) that "sealed" the lead in.

Thanks for the quick reply
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