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I posted this same question under the masonry forum as I am not sure where to post it. Maybe this is a better place to post.

Bought a home built in 1921 in Eastern Missouri. The basement is constructed of what looks to me like cinder blocks on top of I guess poured cement. The issues we have: the walls acting like a sponge and releasing moister into the basement, which has caused the smell of mold. Some spots on the wall are wet, but there is no actual sitting water anywhere. The floor has visible wet spots, but again no sitting water. The floor is also breaking apart and has several spots that always form white fuzzy stuff.

My husband's solution to prevent water seeping into the walls is to dig up a couple inches of dirt around the foundation and lay down a tarp, then cover it back up with dirt. I couldn't find anything online about this and I don't think it will solve the issue we are having. Any thoughts?

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